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Digital Sussed

Websites that stand out.

Digital Sussed

Websites that stand out

We create unique websites & marketing campaigns, that are world class in style, scope & execution.


Mobile Responsive UX Design

The Digital Sussed Irish team of skilled front and back-end developers specialise in rapid and robust responsive web development.

We can create your brands vision through highly bespoke websites that are content-manageable to suit your exact requirements. A complex and dynamic online portal and e-commerce store to a simplistic brochure site.

Creative Content

We put your target audience at the heart of your content marketing strategy. Firstly we audit your existing digital channels and analyse your competitors.

Your brand will stand out as we constantly strive to create engaging content, memorable marketing campaigns by combining collected data with psychology across search, social and mobile platforms. 

Analytics & Insights

We understand the importance of creating campaigns that maximise your business goals. We provide expert analytics and auditing services.

This is where our analytics and optimization teams come into their own. Understanding your KPI’s to give you optimal return on investment. Our sole goal is to ensure we are delivering improved business performance.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Driving profitable engagement through the strategic use of marketing channels.

We partner with clients to build and execute a comprehensive digital strategy across: PPC, Social media, Email marketing, SEO, ecommerce site management & affiliate links.

We are a full service

Design Agency

Digital Sussed deliver spectacular digital experiences. Creating unique website and marketing campaigns that are world class in style, scope and execution.

Why we are different

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to our various projects no matter how small or large.  Our work is founded on planning and insight development.

We only make recommendations for how we will execute on our strategy once we understand your business objectives and most importantly, the customer.

We respect your brands vision at every stage of the project. With a resolute commitment to delivering the very best results for our clients, as we continuously strive to become market leaders in ecommerce, creative and content solutions

Project Phases 


At our first meeting we will begin with a foundation of deep research into your objectives and consider them at every stage of the development process. Marketing innovation and digital mastery anchor our approach to each project for all our clients.


The design with architecture layout & build phase will highlight your brands vision & USP. A highly bespoke website that is content-manageable. A user friendly site that is easy for visitors to navigate, with clear call to actions, engaging content and secure payment portals.


When both you and our front and back-end developers are 100% content with every detail of the site we then start the testing phase. The site is extensively-tested from complete functionality of scripts to the optimization for search engines pre-launch.


Once your website project is completely built and tested we now launch it. We only build cutting-edge, visually outstanding, responsive websites. The end result is a user-focused, high-engagement site that beautifully represents your brand.

What we do BEST

Ecommerce Solutions

Business Strategy

Brand Identity

Creative Web Designs


UX Research

Marketing Strategy


Video Content

Web Maintenance

Digital Sussed design all websites with a

“Mobile First Approach”

75% of sales are now completed on a mobile device. Is your website too text heavy, not user friendly, difficult for people to find & purchase your products, looks terrible on a mobile phone screen ..? Then you need a website redesign ASAP. Google rank websites first that are mobile friendly, websites that aren’t are penalised. A website redesign will increase your ranking, grow your traffic, sales and improve your brands profile.

User Friendly

Brand Awareness

By combining data with psychology across search, social & mobile platforms.

High-engagement website

Responsive Design

Achieve your Marketing Goals

Clear “call to actions” on all pages. Extensively-tested site that generates business.

Beautifuly representing your company

Our Services

Website Design & Ecommerce

Website design with secure online payment solutions, functionality and design concepts.

Website Design
Our team specialise in providing our clients with the latest e-commerce technology, secure online payment solutions, functionality and design concepts.

They are function rich with integrated shopping cart functionality that enable you to sell more products in real time. Customised Secure Shopping Cart Solutions.

Our ecommerce website design solutions are tailored to suit your business. Latest intuitive CMS that will allow you to add new content to your ecommerce website in a straight forward manner without any administration experience.

Branding & Logo
Brand Strategy & Building a Brand

Digital Sussed believe the only way you can as a business strengthen your online visibility is to tell your authentic brand story.

Your brand identity is bigger than any individual marketing effort produced by your company. It is the foundation of your business, and it needs to be solid while building your brand’s presence online.

A concrete brand identity is essential to formulating a strong strategy for your business. That strategy needs to take into account the structure of your own business, as well as those of your competitors.

Our team will analyze where you stand in the market, and help to create a plan that will get you where you need to be. This includes a full SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your industry.

Analyzing leaders in your field can shed light on innovative branding tactics, and allows you to create a unique approach to your business.

With this analysis, we can take your brand identity, and help you develop a strategy for its future.

Ecommerce Websites & Solutions
Our front and back end developers build ecommerce sites with

  • Function rich integrated shopping cart functionality that enable you to sell more products in real time.
  • Retargeting strategy
  • Customised Secure Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Ecommerce website design solutions that are tailored to suit your business.
  • Latest intuitive CMS that will allow you to add new content to your ecommerce website in a straight forward manner without any administration experience.

It is essential for an e-commerce website to highlight security and trust, provide reassurance (at every step by working correctly) and to get the customers to the right products swiftly, for there to be any chances of success.

Digital Sussed specialise in providing our clients with the latest in e-commerce technology, secure online payment solutions, functionality and design concepts..

Creative Content Strategy

1. We help you set your objectives

Nail Your Mission:

Define your business’ overall mission/objective first – your digital marketing mission must fit into your grand plan.

Answer this question: what is the overriding objective you want your digital marketing efforts to achieve (for example do you want to position your company as the go-to online provider for computer parts in Europe)? This is your mission.

Set & Measure Your KPIs:

Get specific with your KPIs by identifying the figures you will be held accountable for achieving.

Get realistic with your KPIs by analysing your previous digital marketing efforts first – this will ensure you aim for a positive increase on your current results, while helping you to avoid setting your expectations too high.

Identify a method to help you measure each of your KPIs – for example, will you use Google Analytics to measure your conversions, your individual social media analytics to track engagement or a tool like BuzzSumo to assess the success of your content marketing?
Before you begin planning your KPIs find out which metrics matter most to your CEO.

2. We analyse your previous strategies
You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) go into the planning period in the dark. Analysing your digital marketing strategy’s past success and failures can help focus you on setting the best KPIs for your business. You, therefore, might want to complete step one and two together.

Choose a time period you’d like to analyse (it’s best to set this time period as the same length of time you plan for your new strategy) – for example decide on whether you’re going to analyse the previous year, quarter or month.

How to Analyse:

Determine the time period you would like to analyse and set your Google Analytics calendar to match this timeframe.
Try out Google’s Benchmarking Reports in your Analytics account to compare your progress to your competitors.

Don’t forget to analyse your competitors’ strategy too – create an analysis spreadsheet of their online activities (you can use SEMrush to identify the SEO strategy of a competitor, i.e. what keywords are driving the largest volume of organic traffic to their website. It can also be used to compare the organic and paid traffic of different websites so again quite useful to see how aggressive they’re being with their paid spend.)

Ask yourself this question at regular intervals: is there anything else I need to analyse that I haven’t thought of before – e.g. should I be testing the times I post my content or the types of images I use?

3. Remember Who You’re Talking to (& Speak Their Language)
Don’t let the planning take away from the people you’re trying to reach. You already know who your audience are (at least we hope you do) but sometimes they’re the first thing a digital marketer can forget amidst the KPI setting, budget fretting and channel selection.

You’re not going to make this mistake – not this time. Instead you’re going to put your audience at the heart of your strategy, cater to their emotional needs and satisfy their deepest desires. How? Through the creation of well fleshed out and well thought out personas, of course.

Develop Useful Personas:

Start with the basics and note down all the demographic information you know about your target consumer – like age, gender and location.
Then dig a little deeper and Identify the problems you can help your target persona solve.
Delve into their emotional desires, goals, aspirations and fears and document all of the factors that could make them tick (think about their conscious and unconscious desires).
You can dive deep into the ‘Audience Reports of your Google Analytics account to identify key characteristics of your target persona like age, sex, career, etc.
When creating your personas this is the perfect time to identify the people who will be of influence to them – these will be the influencers your strategy should target.

4. We will help you to identify your budget, channels and team.

Three things are important for identifying your means: these are your budget, your digital channels and your team (or people). It is important to take stock of all of your resources before deciding on what else you might need for the next period.

For example, now is the perfect time for creating an audit of your existing digital channels and to decide whether you’re going to outsource specific sections of your digital marketing and whether you need to set budget aside for a new hire or two.

How to Identify Your Means:

Your Budget:

Define your overall digital marketing budget.
Look at the historical data of what has worked before (for example, have any specific channels brought you quality leads at a low cost?)
Decide whether you will use paid promotion (for, example Adwords or paid ads on social media).
Allocate a specific portion of the budget for each digital channel you want to use for paid promotion (delve into your Analytics to help you assess the most cost effective digital channels with the largest reach and conversions and the lowest Cost Per Click).
If a certain element of your paid promotion strategy isn’t bringing you the results you desire, revisit it and invest the allocated budget figure into the channel that’s bringing you the best results.
Your People:

Look at your current team and assess what you are capable of achieving (be realistic here and ensure that no-one will be over stretched or over worked).
Identify whether you need to hire more people and whether you have the means to do so.
Decide whether all of your digital marketing activity will take place in house or if you’ll need to outsource some elements to a third party agency.
Get each of your team members to review their digital marketing activity and brainstorm a few ideas for their future strategy (the more autonomy your employee has in their role the more they’ll be on board with your new plan).
Your Channels:

Review your current digital marketing channels and decide which channels to keep and whether you’d like to invest in any new ones (this depends on where your customers are and the time you have available).
Clearly articulate what each digital channel is trying to achieve.
Make sure you have at least one KPI attached to each of your digital channels.

5. Make the Plan and Review it at regular intervals to identify changes.

‘Create a plan and don’t stick to it? But, but, what do you mean?’

Before the panic sets into the most organised of digital marketers let me explain…your plan is never going to be perfect from the outset. Not every assumption you make is going to be correct.

And although you’ve taken every care to craft a carefully constructed plan based on a set of insightful assumptions and analysis you still can’t predict exactly how your customers will behave. It is, therefore, essential to continuously measure and monitor your strategy’s performance and to change elements where needed.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

A concrete brand identity is essential to formulating a strong marketing strategy for your business.

Brand & marketing strategy

A concrete brand identity is essential to formulating a strong strategy for your business.  Our team will analyze where you stand in the market, take your brand identity, and help you develop a strategy for its future.

We understand the importance of creating campaigns that maximise your business goals. We provide expert analytics and auditing services.  This is where our analytics and optimization teams come into their own.

Understanding your KPI’s to give you optimal return on investment. With results from analytics we can retarget your precise target market. 70% of retargeted campaigns result in sales.

Digital Marketing Audit
Independent and objective digital marketing strategy advice from the experienced team at Digital Sussed.

Have our digital strategists assess your company’s entire digitial ecosystem or only specific components: PPC audit | AdWords audit | SEO audit | Email marketing audit | Vendor audit | Staff audit

Optimize your digital marketing ecosystem. Make smart marketing technology purchasing decisions. Manage vendors successfully. Hire the right kind of talent. Beat the competition.

Identify opportunities for cost-savings, performance improvement, and competitive superiority with a comprehensive digital audit from the consultants at Digital Sussed. We help clients thrive in the tumultuous world of digital marketing.

Analytics & Insights
  • We understand the importance of creating campaigns that maximise your business goals.
  • We provide expert analytics and auditing services.
  • Our sole goal is to ensure we are delivering improved business performance. This is where our analytics and optimization teams come into their own.
  • Understanding your KPI’s to give you optimal return on investment.
  • The analytical results from previous ad campaigns will provide the insights to retarget your precise interested potential customers. 70% of retargeted campaigns result in sales.
Video Content

86% of B2C marketers in 2018 reported they used video content marketing to increase leads and drive their brands forward. The content marketing landscape is changing to focus more on video which is a rapidly growing priority. Staying ahead of those changes can give your business a competitive edge in this crowded market.

5 Important Tips to Create the Ultimate Video Campaign

1 – Use the right keywords so your video gets visibility

Google’s job is to give searchers the best answer to any question. Their algorithm ranks YouTube videos and Web Pages with video much higher than those without video. This has proven to be most helpful, useful, and engaging method for searchers to access the answers they seek.

The top videos are tutorials, such as “How-to” videos, reviews, and test-drive related query videos. The more granular you get the more likely you will rank highly for long-tail, model-specific keywords, for example “How to setup the keyless access for a BMW 8 Series?” In the video you can introduce a BMW expert to walk through these steps in the tutorial.

2 – Brand Awareness

Producing a memorable creative video, whether for traditional and/or digital platforms will stick your brand name, and your USP, in your audience’s collective mind. A recent video ad campaign we ran for a client on Facebook and Instagram resulted in a 25% lift in direct traffic. This is the key indicator of increased brand awareness. That lift then led to an increase of 30 units sold in the following month. Go on and have fun creating an original video that will make people remember your brand.

3 – Social media growth and reach

 “Video is a fantastic ROI”

Video ads typically enjoy better engagement than static ads on social media.

In a recent paid social campaign we ran for a client on Facebook consisting of both static and video ads 85% of the total engagement came from video ads, even though video ads only represented 17% of the total spend. Another campaign we ran this past summer resulted in 67% more reach and 48% more clicks at half the cost. 

4 – Website engagement metrics

Having videos on your website keeps people on your website. We have definitively seen the difference across many campaign landing pages. Where we initially launched and then added video at a later date, there was a significant increase in Time On Page. The longer you can keep a user on your page, educating them about your vehicles and after service & care you provide, or an offer you’re highlighting the more likely you are to ultimately convert them. A recent landing page video we created for a client explaining an offer campaign resulted in 100+ potential customers

Google likes it a lot when people stay on your page longer as it means you’ve valuable content. Google will thus award you by ranking you higher than similar websites & you could even get listed on the first few searches on page 1 of a Google search.

5 – Visits and Sales

Google advocates that video is a critical first moment of the online consumer’s buying journey, and being there for that first moment correlates to in-store visits within the week. (The latest Google’s Study).

“Increased metrics and conversions ultimately lead to increased sales”

Specifically, a recent Google report showed that videos targeting Brand + Reviews and videos with Brand + Specs keywords were tracked to show an increase in actual in-store visits.


The best part is that each individual video — if properly optimized and targeted

Can positively impact your SEO, Social, and your Website all at the same time.

We drive profitable engagement through the strategic use of marketing channels.

Video Content Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


Packages & Price Plans

We built websites from scratch for clients from a variety of industries with different needs. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can accurately estimate the true scope of your project, reducing costs later with additional requirements.

All our plans contain unique Marketing Funnels with analytics to maximise conversion of sales.

These marketing funnels will measurement and analyse all data of the consumer journey across all platforms and web pages. Understanding user behavior across each web page for increased ROI & insights will create a better website experience. We can measure and benchmark site performance to look at KPI’s that drive your business, such as the purchase conversion rate.


“The team at Digital Sussed have been superb at helping our construction company realise it’s Re-Branding goal. They captured our ideas & vision seamlessly into a smart, professional, mobile responsive website. Our new website showcases our portfoilio of work creatively.  The site has only been live a few weeks & already the feedback has all been positive with a few new contracts signed”

Paul  Higgins–  Don Constructions

“Digital Sussed have been very helpful on working on my website. They are responsive in answering my queries quickly and efficiently. My website takes online orders and payments and Digital Sussed have done a great job in understanding my needs. I would definitely recommend them” 

Una Kelly – WFH Offices

“We commissioned Digital Sussed in early 2017 to develop the online presence for The Maxwell & Smith Law firm. This proved very successful and they now manage all our offices across our portfolio. We have a very strong relationship with Digital Sussed, they are never more than a phone call away. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to manage their online marketing.”

Kevin Maxwell– Maxwell & Smith Law Firm

“I highly recommend this creative web design Agency. Their team of designers are true professional. They took my business idea & created a stylish ecommerce website. I’ve now got customers from all over the world that have purchased my products”

Anthony Davies – WI Group

Looking forward to collaborating on your next project

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